Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) is included in all prices according to the Cyprus law. This guarantees that if in a car accident damage was caused to other people or their property TPL fully covers this damage and the hirer does not have to compensate such damage. Hirer’s responsibility is damage made to the rented car.

TPL can be with excess or without excess. Consider it as a second level of financial protection that can be chosen based on your personal attitude towards risk.

Choosing a car with “with excess”, you pay less for the rent, but in case of car accident you will have to pay for the damage of the car. Maximum amount of possible expenses is indicated in every car offer - point “Excess”.

Choosing a car “without excess”, you pay more for the rent, but in case of car accident you won’t have to pay for the damage of the car at all (if all insurance terms are met).

Please note that coverage of damage to tires, disks, car bottom, windows or mirrors is not usually included in the standard insurance and can be bought separately, if there is such an option.

No insurance covers any damage, if the car was driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs, on non-asphalt roads, in intentional violation of road traffic rules.

Full insurance terms and conditions are written in the car rental agreement, please read it carefully before signing the agreement.

What is insurance "with excess"?

Insurance with excess is a basic type of rental car coverage that is limiting the maximum financial responsibility of the Hirer to a specific amount (called “franchise”).

Franchise amount depends on the class of car you rent. For example, for economic type of cars (Nissan Micra, Mazda Demio, etc.) franchise is 300-500 Euro on average, for other classes - the sum is higher.

Franchise sum can be blocked on hirer’s credit card, taken as a deposit in cash or just be mentioned in the rental agreement as an obligation to pay the sum in case of a car accident.

Example: a car offer is indicated with “Excess 400 Euro” - it means that if the rented car was damaged during the lease, then the rental company can take up to 400 Euros for car repairs.

What is insurance “with no excess”?

Insurance with no excess removes financial responsibility from the Hirer for most types of car damages that may occur during the rental period.

The cost of this option is automatically included in the Final rental price.

What type of coverage to take - with excess or without excess - is up to the Hirer and depends on personal attitude towards risk, confidence in driving skills and financial capabilities.

To drivers with a low driving experience, we recommend to chose offers "with no excess", if such option is available at the car rental company.